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Updated 11/8/12Dear Tea Party Patriots;

Our next meeting is Tues, Nov 13, at 12:15 at the Pizza Ranch S. 41st st. The title is: WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE?

Man is not made in a crisis: He’s REVEALED in a crisis. We’re made from day to day and how we respond to crisis depends on what we’ve invested in our character over a long period of time. The war we are in is for the heart and soul of America? Ben Franklin said, “He who would trade liberty for government security will receive and deserves neither.”

How relevant was the tea party in the last election? What lessons can we learn from this election? What should be our priorities? Adam Smith in “The Wealth of Nations,” said the strength of a nation is in the character and productivity of its people. Ronald Reagan said, “Freedom is a very fragile thing, we don’t inherit it in our bloodstream - it must be deliberately taught and nurtured in the hearts and minds of each generation, for it’s never more than one generation away from extinction.”

Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. That’s what our forefathers believed. They had the Guts, Grit, Gall and Gumption to sacrifice everything for that cause, because they knew what tyranny and despotism were. We have a generation who doesn’t know or understand the misery that socialism provides. Hope to see you at the next meeting.

For liberty,
Dr. Allen Unruh

Updated 8/10/12Dear Tea Party Patriots;

I only need a few thousand more to get the movie, “2016” by Dinesh DeSousa to come to Sioux Falls. What will the world look like in 2016 if President Obama gets re-elected? This is a must see for all freedom-loving Americans.

Please send your donations to teapartysd.com 600 N. Western Ave. Sioux Falls SD 57104 That’s 20 people send $100.00 and we’re there. Send $25 or $50, $100 or whatever you can.

Every American should subscribe to Imprimis newsletter. You can receive it free by e mail or as a newsletter. Keep informed. Our liberty has never been more threatened.

We have 90 days to inform as many Americans as possible. Please subscribe!

See you at the movies.
Allen Unruh

July Events

Updated 7/24/12Pro-life Victory: Official Press Release!  
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The State of SD and the Alpha Center had a tremendous and historic victory against PP to protect women and the unborn in SD in the 8th circuit Federal Court of Appeals. This is the 4th victory in a row against PP in the 8th circuit. I am forwarding this to all our tea party patriots to share this with your friends. The key buzzword of the left is “social justice” but there can be no social justice without the right to life itself. This goes to the very heart of the principles in the Declaration of Independence and the Inalienable (God-given) right to life and liberty. It is the providence of God, and the great people of South Dakota who have been relentless in fighting this battle for the last 28 years.

One man with truth is an army, one man with God is a majority. We shall never give up. At a time when our entire nation is talking about the callous disregard for the value of human life in the movie massacre, we have destroyed the lives of 55 MILLION unborn since 1973. If the Viet Nam memorial represented those killed, it would have to be 66 miles long.

God Bless America!
Dr. Allen Unruh

Updated 7/11/12Dear Tea Party Patriots:  

“American Minute” is a FREE subscription by our good friend Bill Federer. If you do not subscribe, I highly recommend it.

Those who don’t learn from history are CONDEMNED to repeat it. Said Winston Churchill. It seems the only lesson our politicians learn from history is that they never seem to learn from history.

Jefferson said, “If Americans intend to be ignorant and free they expect what never was or ever will be.” Let the words of Abe Lincoln burn in the hearts of enough Americans to save this Republic at this critical time in history.

See you July 10th, Ramkota amphitheatre 7:00pm -9:00pm. Movie: “AGENDA.”

For liberty,
Dr. Allen Unruh

Updated 7/11/12Dear Patriots:  

Obamacare's Hidden Tax- the MANDATE ITSELF! We have just begun to fight!

I am posting this important message so you understand the true costs of this new tax and spend decision of the Supreme Court.

The good news:

  1. This law doesn't go into effect until 2014 and there is a big election prior to then.
  2. The court called this a tax - a fact vehemently denied by President Obama and a lie that would have never allowed it to be passed in the first place. Now the president will have to defend this lie until the election. The American public is against Obama Care almost 2 to 1 so if Obama won the battle, he is now far more outnumbered in winning the war.
  3. The court affirmed this as a tax which means we only need a simple majority in the Senate to repeal it. We shall gain house seats and take over the senate for a full repeal.
  4. The court affirmed the 10th amendment which means the 26 states who filed the lawsuit have an opportunity to resist this decision. Americans must be involved on the state level, as well as national. Stay tuned for updates as I review Alito's strong dissent and provide an overview.
  5. This is still a country of WE THE PEOPLE. That means each one of us will determine the future of America. The D. of Independence says, "Whenever any government becomes destructive it is the RIGHT AND THE DUTY of the people to alter or abolish it.

Action step: Attend the next tea party meeting:

WHEN: July 10th, 2012 from 7:00pm - 9:00pm;
WHERE: Ramkota Amphi Theatre;
WHAT: See the movie: AGENDA - a riviting documentary explaining the
            entire agenda of this administration to change America forever.

The investment is $5.00 to defray costs.
Please RSVP (allen@draunruh.com) as we have limited seating.

The Bible says, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge." You must be informed and involved to preserve freedom.

Your assignment is:

Each one teach one, each one teach ten. Recruit one person to join the cause of liberty. Send me their email to get on our list. Invite friends to this next meeting. Forward this email to your mailing lists. Thomas Jefferson said something to the effect: "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots, it is its natural manure." That's you and me.

For liberty,
Dr. Allen Unruh
Email: allen@draunruh.com