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Posted 6/14/13Dr Allen Unruh Chiropractic Event

Dear Patriots;

Here are some action items and meeting information:

  • When?  Friday, June 21st, 12:00pm - 1:15pm
  • Where?  Pizza ranch south - 41st street
  • Subject:  Obama Care Medicaid expansion

2nd meeting:

  • When?  Tues, June 25th from 5:30pm - 7:00pm
  • Where?  Ramkota
  • Subject:  The Medicaid task force is scheduling public testimony.

Each testimony can be 5 minutes long - For further information contact 351-8485 ask for Dee.

It's absolutely critical that we get as many tea party patriots to testify and show up at this meeting. If you don't want to testify show up and hold a sign. Remember, Obama wants to pay for Obama care through Medicaid expansion. You will pay for it in 3 ways, through a huge increase in Federal taxes, state taxes, and about a 40% increase in insurance premiums. In SD alone over 60,000 would qualify for Medicaid as the threshold is lowered. It will bankrupt our state. Young people will pay 400% increase in premiums and ½ a trillion will be cut from Medicare. In most states premiums are going up 40% to 88%. You won't keep your doctor and it will be difficult to see a doctor. Obama Care is a national train wreck that will threaten the lives and freedom of all Americans.

We must get enough people who can show up and demonstrate with signs our protest of this tyrannical act, please contact Dee Vandeest at 351-8485 or vandeestb@midco.net if you can show up at either meeting.

In times of moral and economic crisis silence isn't golden, it's yellow. If our elected officials can't see the light, they must feel the heat. This is our one chance to stand up and be counted. It's time to draw a line in the sand and say, enough is enough. We need people with guts, grit, gall and gumption. We have too many spineless, gutless, milktoast, jellyfish, weak kneed thumbsuckers. Who cares if you're called an extremist. Goldwater said, "Extremism in pursuit of liberty is no vice, moderation in defense of liberty is no virtue."

Next Action item:

Rep. Michelle Bachman said it is absolutely critical for the phone lines to be smoking with concerned citizens this next week of June 18th. re: the government give away with immigration reform. Senator Harry Reid through procedural tactics initiated any amendments has to be a 60 vote super majority. That means no securing of the border before amnesty. It will completely destroy the Republican party for future elections. The Constitution will not be worth the paper it's written on. Ben Franklin said, "We've given you a Republic if you can keep it." With the epidemic of scandals it is distracting too many Americans who are detesting what's happening in Washington.

We simply cannot afford luxury of complacency. We must now more than ever be vigilant to be victorious. What's at stake is freedom and civilization. History is always determined by irate, tireless and dedicated minorities. Never grow weary in well doing.

The phone numbers:

  • Rep. Kristi Noem is: 202-225-2801
  • Senator John Thune: 202-228-5429
  • Senator Tim Johnson: 202-224-5842

Please let them know your opinion that this immigration bill must be voted down.

For liberty,
Dr. Allen Unruh

Posted 4/9/133 important dates!

Dear Patriots:

I have some important events that you hopefully will attend. In these trying times, we’re either part of the problem or part of the answer.

1. First of all is April 15th - , We are having a MOVIE NIGHT

Where? Ramkota Amphitheatre –

When? April 15th, 7-9:00 pm Featuring the movie: GIFTED HANDS $5.00 includes popcorn. The true story of Dr. Ben Carson the most famous brain surgeon in the world. His Mother –one of 23 kids – married at the age of 13, worked 3 jobs to support her two boys after her husband left her. Grew up in the inner city of Detroit Michigan. This is a movie we recommend you to bring kids age 12 and up to.

America is the only country where you can be born into dire poverty and become a famous brain surgeon PROVIDED WE KEEP THIS ONE NATION UNDER GOD AND PROCLAIM LIBERTY THROUGHOUT THE LAND. This night will be inspiring and we plan to give you hope for the future as we share new strategies to preserve and protect liberty. RSVP: Dr. Allen Unruh - 332-1962 or email me at allen@draunruh.com

This is income tax day - the day when we all participate in “Do it yourself mugging. The most unromantic day of the year. I have plenty of money for taxes, it’s food clothing and shelter we’re struggling with. Politicians who rob Peter to pay Paul will always have the endorsement of Paul, but we’re all Petered out.

2. Friday night April 19th is the Minnehaha County Lincoln day dinner at the Sioux Falls Convention center. $50/person. Speaker is RNC co-chair Sharon Day. Remarks by the state Republican chairman Craig Lawrence. RSVP by April 14th by calling 336-7340

3. Last, is May 10th Friday night. I urge all Pro-life Americans to attend the Alpha center’s VISION DINNER. 7-9:15 pm Where? Ramkota Exhibit Hall. Cost: FREE. Governor Daugaard signed major pro-life legislation into law. Planned Parenthood this week responded with another lawsuit. We will be going back to the 8th circuit court of appeals and then on to the U.S. Supreme Court. PP testified in Florida this week that it should be legal to kill babies if they survive an abortion.

What’s at stake in this battle for the dignity of human life? CIVILIZATION! SD is the only state that has the greatest opportunity to overturn Roe V Wade in the courts. Please RSVP to Dr. Allen Unruh - 605-332-1962 Speaker: Star in the movie: OCTOBER BABY. The woman who aborted her child and her child survived only to search for her at the age of 19. this is a powerful story about the dignity of human life and forgiveness.

Share in the vision. Be part of the answer! We can no longer afford the luxury of complacency. For too long Christians meet, greet, eat and retreat! Hosea 4:6 “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” If you want to be ignorant and free you will expect what never was or ever will be.” Said Thomas Jefferson. We must be informed, be involved, be engaged, and each do what we can. Edmund Burke said, “All that’s necessary for evil to triumph is for enough good people to do nothing.” If you want to be a table host your assignment is to recruit 3 other pro-life couples to sit at your table – from your church, from your network of friends.

For liberty,
Dr. Allen Unruh

February Events

Updated 2/15/13Dear Patriots:

Gun legislation-immediate ACTION

The second amendment has never been more threatened. It is critical that all people in SD stand up and be counted. Your legislators must hear from you ASAP on this critical issue. Every country and every city that has destroyed the second amendment it has resulted in dramatic increase in crime where innocent people are not allowed to defend themselves. Government tyranny is rampant now, if the second amendment is destroyed it will be 10 times worse. Tyranny defined is: UNBRIDLED POWER!

Please make your voice be heard. Enclosed are the e mail contacts for all your senators and representatives.

Also, Please RSVP for our Tea Party Meeting on Gun Control – Feb 23rd, DT Holiday Inn 11:30 am – 1:00 pm right after the Cracker Barrell. Email me at allen@draunruh.com or call 332-1962 for reservations. Make it early as there is limited seating.

Attempts will be made to revive 2 good gun bills today, Feb. 15th by Smoking them Out. (bringing them to the floor after being killed in Committee).

Please email all Legislators in the Senate to support SB 177 Campus Carry.

'sen.Adelstein@state.sd.us'; 'sen.Begalka@state.sd.us'; 'sen.Brown@state.sd.us'; 'sen.Ewing@state.sd.us'; 'sen.Heineman@state.sd.us'; 'sen.Holien@state.sd.us'; 'sen.jeanHunhoff@state.sd.us'; 'sen.Jensen@state.sd.us'; 'sen.Johnston@state.sd.us'; 'sen.Kirkeby@state.sd.us'; 'sen.Krebs@state.sd.us'; 'sen.Lederman@state.sd.us'; 'sen.Maher@state.sd.us'; 'sen.Monroe@state.sd.us'; 'sen.Novstrup@state.sd.us'; 'sen.RussellOlson@state.sd.us'; 'sen.Omdahl@state.sd.us'; 'sen.Otten@state.sd.us'; 'sen.Peters@state.sd.us'; 'sen.Rampelberg@state.sd.us'; 'sen.Rave@state.sd.us'; 'sen.Rhoden@state.sd.us'; 'sen.Soholt@state.sd.us'; 'sen.Tidemann@state.sd.us'; 'sen.Tieszen@state.sd.us'; 'sen.VanGerpen@state.sd.us'; 'sen.Vehle@state.sd.us'; 'sen.White@state.sd.us'

Please email all legislators in the House to support HB 1010 Constitutional Carry.

rep.bolin@state.sd.us, rep.cammack@state.sd.us, rep.campbell@state.sd.us, rep.carson@state.sd.us, rep.conzet@state.sd.us, rep.craig@state.sd.us, rep.cronin@state.sd.us, rep.dryden@state.sd.us, rep.duvall@state.sd.us, rep.ecklund@state.sd.us, rep.erickson@state.sd.us, rep.gosch@state.sd.us, rep.greenfield@state.sd.us, rep.donhaggar@state.sd.us, rep.haggar@state.sd.us, rep.hajek@state.sd.us, rep.hansen@state.sd.us, rep.heinemann@state.sd.us, rep.hoffman@state.sd.us, rep.hickey@state.sd.us, rep.johns@state.sd.us, rep.kaiser@state.sd.us, rep.kopp@state.sd.us, rep.latterell@state.sd.us, rep.lust@state.sd.us, rep.magstadt@state.sd.us, rep.may@state.sd.us, rep.mickelson@state.sd.us, rep.miller@state.sd.us, rep.munsterman@state.sd.us, rep.nelson@state.sd.us, rep.davidnovstrup@state.sd.us, rep.bettyolson@state.sd.us, rep.otten@state.sd.us, rep.qualm@state.sd.us, rep.rasmussen@state.sd.us, rep.romkema@state.sd.us, rep.rounds@state.sd.us, rep.rozum@state.sd.us, rep.russell@state.sd.us, rep.schaefer@state.sd.us, rep.schoenfish@state.sd.us, rep.sly@state.sd.us, rep.solum@state.sd.us, rep.stalzer@state.sd.us, rep.steele@state.sd.us, rep.stevens@state.sd.us, rep.tulson@state.sd.us, rep.verchio@state.sd.us, rep.werner@state.sd.us, rep.westra@state.sd.us, rep.wick@state.sd.us, rep.wink@state.sd.us,

Please be courteous and respectful in your messages.

Thanks for your help in support of the 2nd Amendment

Thank you,
John Small
Owner / General Manager

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Posted 2/14/13Important Meeting - Febuary 23rd, 2013 at 11:30am

Dear Patriots:


  • What? Rally on the 2nd amendment as well as other important constitutional issues

  • When? Saturday, Feb 23rd, 11:30 am – 1:00 pm

  • Where? Downtown Holiday Inn, Sioux Falls SD In the Falls West – by the entrance.

  • How? This is a luncheon - $12 includes lunch and coffee.

  • Who? Speakers will include legislators and other leadership in this issue to reveal the threats to your liberty if you don’t get involved. Also, you will see live excerpts of how important the second amendment is to protect you and your family from violent criminals, as well as government tyranny. It was never written for hunting.

There will be ample time for Q and A at this meeting directly from the audience. So come and make your voice be heard.

Please RSVP as we have a limited number of seats. Call 332-1962 to reserve today or e mail me at allen@draunruh.com

“Silence in the face of evil, is evil.” Said Niemoeller before he was executed by the Nazis. The president has issued over 17 executive orders on Gun Control. The radical left plans to use the same strategy they did with Obama Care. Rush it through as fast as possible through unconstitutional means if possible.

Our only hope is the Republican governors, and Republicans elected to ‘Congress not bowing down to his tyrannical acts. If there ever were a time for citizens to get involved in the political arena it’s NOW! Teapartysd.com will not be silent on protecting our 2nd amendment rights. With the Supreme Court decision on Obama Care they have declared there is no limit to the power of the Federal government over our lives.

Tyranny is defined as “Unbridled Power.” Our forefathers came with a Bible in one hand and a gun in the other. Those are the two things that gave us our freedom.

For liberty,
Dr. Allen Unruh